Featured Solutions

Assembly Lines

AUMAQ RS specializes in the development of small, medium and large scale assembly line machines. [...]

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Automatic Screwing System

AUMAQ RS, for its wide experience in the field, stands out in the market for a large number of equipment in operation both in the national territory and internationally...

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Machining Processes

AUMAQ RS’s machining machines can use parts of different sizes, levels of complexity [...]

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Feeders and Handlers

Wherever conventional handlers cannot supply the demand, AUMAQ RS provides tailor-made handlers. [...]

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Robotic Vision and Handling Systems

For solutions that require repeatability and precision, we make use of robots for handling parts and components. [...]

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Special Machines

With our know-how in process automation of different segments, we design machines that meet the specific needs of each customer. [...]

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AUMAQ RS, excellence in development of automation machines